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Regalías Digitales LLC is a firm that helps more than one thousand recording artists, songwriters and music publishers to collect their music publishing and neighboring rights royalties from a variety of sources, including YouTube ‘synchronization’, mechanical royalties, performance royalties, and film & tv placements. The company is currently a Top 10 indie music publisher at YouTube.


Collection of YT 'synchronization' royalties for songwriters and music publishers, as well as well conflict management.


Registration of songs with the appropriate mechanical royalties societies to ensure collection of songwriter/publisher revenue from streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple.


Registration of songs at all societies including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SACM and more to ensure collection of songwriter & publisher royalties from radio, television and public performances.


Artist and label registration with neighboring rights societies around the world to ensure collection of royalties from terrestrial, online and satellite radio services.


Regalías Digitales is one of the only companies in the music publishing sector with a dedicated team specializing in the claiming of user generated content on YouTube (cover songs, live versions, karaoke, remixes, instrument tutorials); such claims require considerable manpower, but can also significantly increase client earnings.


We are also one of the only companies that proactively disputes YouTube conflicts and mis-merges, which occur due to bad data or erroneous claims by other publishers; when this happens, the publishing royalties are frozen and remain unpaid until the conflicts are resolved. Regalias Digitales maintains the lowest ‘conflict rate’ of any company in the YouTube music publishing sector, with only 3% of its content in conflict (the average music publisher has up to 20% - 30% of its content in conflict).

Evidence of Regalias' low conflicts rate on YouTube

Mechanical royalties are a publishing / songwriter royalty that many indie songwriters and producers fail to collect. The term “mechanical royalty” originates from more than 100 years ago, during the era of mechanical player pianos; In the modern era, mechanical royalties refer to the publishing / songwriter royalty paid by streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.


These mechanical royalties are generally not collected by music distributors or record labels. They are a separate royalty for songwriters, and many artists and songwriters leave these royalties on the table because they do not have a publishing administrator to register their songs and collect mechanical royalties on their behalf.


Regalias Digitales specializes in the collection of mechanical royalties for artists in all genres, and is well regarded for paying its clients on time with detailed reporting. Regalias Digitales is one of the only publishing companies that invests hundreds of hours of staff time each year to link every song registration with all uses at Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, etc. This process is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, but can significantly increase songwriters’ earnings. We are always happy to research the status of songs for potential clients and inform them on whether or not they are receiving their mechanical royalties.


Performer on Stage


Registration of songs at all performing rights organizations (PRO's) including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SACM and other societies is critical to ensure collection of songwriter & publisher royalties from radio, television and public performances. We handle registration of songs for both writers and publishers to ensure that they are paid when their music receives airplay and public performances. To ensure song registrations are correct and complete, we do this work manually song-by-song, unlike so many other publishing companies who have much higher failed registration rates.


Every year, millions of dollars of artists’ royalties from FM, internet and satellite radio play expire and are confiscated by various international neighboring rights organizations. These royalties can be very difficult for artists to collect.  Our company Regalias Digitales specializes in the registration of artists and the collection of digital performance and neighboring rights royalties from territories including the United States, Latin America, Europe, Canada and Japan.

Timely payments and detailed royalty statements

USA and worldwide royalty collection


Multilingual support

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