Regalias Digitales processes and accounts to our thousands of clients on a quarterly basis, ensuring timely payment to artists and songwriters located anywhere in the world. Why let your royalties go uncollected or be improperly administered when we can handle it all for you correctly?


Regalias Digitales LLC is a full service music licensing and music supervision company. We have placed hundreds of songs in popular films and television shows including X-Men ‘Logan’, AMC ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, Netflix ‘El Chapo’, CBS ‘Criminal Minds,’ and Amazon ‘Sneaky Pete’. 


Regalias Digitales is proud to announce that it has entered into an exciting new partnership with City National Bank, the leading bank servicing the music and entertainment industries. With this partnership, Regalias Digitales now offers several valuable banking and financial services to our artist and record label clients. 


“Regalias Digitales has helped the artists I manage to collect tens of thousands of dollars in music royalties that they did not even know existed. Regalias Digitales is tireless in tracking down and collecting royalties on behalf of the artist, and they always promptly pay the artists on time.”


-Edgar Rueda (manager of Celso Piña, El Gran Silencio, Inspector and many others)


Josh Norek is the president of Regalías Digitales LLC, a firm that helps hundreds of prominent recording artists and songwriters to collect their music royalties and license their songs to film and television productions. Regalias Digitales is a Top 10 indie music publisher at YouTube, and one of the leading music royalty collection firms in the world.  Norek is a co-founder of the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), and is also co-host of the nationally syndicated public radio show ‘The Latin Alternative,’ which airs on more than 50 radio stations across the United States.

Previously, Norek served for ten years as VP of Business Affairs & Digital for Nacional Records, the leading record label for Latin rock and hip-hop. At Nacional he managed the label’s digital retail and licensing strategies, as well as the company’s sister publishing company Canciones Nacionales. Norek has overseen the launch of albums from Grammy-winning artists like Manu Chao, Ana Tijoux & Nortec Collective, and guided Manu Chao’s “La Radiolina” album to #1 on the Billboard sales charts. Norek also spearheaded the national launch of Starbucks’ first Latin-themed compilation, “Café Con Música,” which spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard Latin & World music charts in 2013.

Mr. Norek is an artist advocate who fights for artists to receive every penny that they deserve. In 2015 he was invited to Washington, DC to speak with members of Congress about copyright law reform, and the need to create an AM/FM radio music royalty for recording artists. Josh Norek has also served on the boards of advocacy organizations A2IM (American Association of Independent Musicians) and Voto Latino.

Josh Norek is a graduate of Cornell University and Southwestern Law School.